London Golf History:

Gene Sarazen tees off on #18 during the official opening of the Thames Valley Classic Layout, July 29, 1933

This website is designed to provide you with accurate information about the complete history of local golf operations from the earliest beginnings to the present day.

We are looking for all kinds of feedback through this open, interactive site so please post comments and any additional information pertaining to any courses in the area that you may have. Personal stories and opinions are highly encouraged and can be posted on the Golf History News page.

Our main sources of verification are photos, scorecards, newspaper articles, aerial photographs, personal interviews, personal opinions, layout diagrams and blueprints.

Our only goal is to provide a complete pool of accurate and verified information
about the history of London and area golf.

We currently have 28 layouts listed, which can be found by clicking here, but we hope to eventually have a full list of every course in the London and surrounding area. The three new courses are Crumlin Creek, Strathroy/Bear Creek and Echo Valley.

All of the “About” sections found on page 3 of each layout, all captions and all “19th Hole” sections are written by John Cowie.

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Golf Courses

X – ‘Old’ London Hunt Club 1885-1960

The only recognition that there was ...
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– Tarandowah – 2007-Present

Tarandowah has only been around since ...
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