London and Area Golf History February 21, 2017

We have received reliable information that Fairmont Golf Course was indeed a 12 hole course from just after WWII until its demise in 1953. The aerial photographs from 1945 and 1950 seem to verify this fact. The three “extra holes” radiated in a northeast direction from the clubhouse. They are not there in 1945 but they are there for sure in 1950. Actually the first 12 hole course in London was Thames Valley but only for a short time in 1926. Fairmont now looks like the second. Crumlin Creek is now the third dozen holer in the London area but with the obvious success of the business model there, it is the odds on favorite for the longevity award.


  1. Thanks so much for your detailed historical information on Highland. We’ve been trying to locate some of this information for some time.

    1. Much appreciated Bob, hope you enjoy some of the other courses on the website.

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