MacKenzie Tour Friday

Just returned from watching the second round of the Freedom Financial MacKenzie Championship. The distance that these players hit the ball is incredible. Taylor Penrith was most impressive. He hit driver and what looked like an eight iron to the back of the green on the par 5 third. The tee sign on #4 says 494 yards, par 4. He drove it 105 from the flag which would make it 389 yards……into a slight breeze. On the 420 yard par 4 eighth he opted for an iron off the tee which he crushed to 113 yards from the flag.

Cole Miller played a nice round of 66. He is probably the fastest professional golfer that I have seen in a long time. He and Taylor Penrith could have easily played their round in 3 hours. At the other end of the spectrum I saw slow pairings that were clock worthy after 2 holes. One group was a full hole behind after 2.

One player threw 3 clubs on a single hole which has to be close to a MacKenzie Tour record. The entertainment value of watching a live round at the Freedom Financial Championship is fantastic. The emotional ups and downs of players struggling to reach higher level tour are etched on the players faces. The course is pristine and worth the walk around even if there wasn’t any great golf being played. Get out and see a round if you can.

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