Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

The University of Western Ontario has a fantastic aerial photography resource, available on-line, which documents the changes in the City of London from the year 1922 onward. Because they have dates, the aerial photographs are particularly useful in documenting the history of golf courses and the changes to layouts over time.

Here is a link to the webpage UWO Aerial Photos

The years on the right side of the chart are available on-line but the ones on the left are not due to 50 year copyright laws. The ones on the left can be viewed but only at the Map and Data Center located in the basement of the Weldon Library. Ask us if you need those from more recent years.

Click on the year that you want. A map of London will come up with lots of red dots. Click on the red dot closest to the golf course you are looking for. Be patient, sometimes it takes a bit of time.

The aerial photo will come onscreen as soon as you hit “View and Download Photo”. There is a small “plus” sign that comes up so center it on your golf course and click again to zoom in. After that your computer’s zoom feature will allow you to get all the details you want.

Note: The 1967 aerials of the City of London are now available on-line. They give some of the best views of courses like Whitehills, Westminster Golf Course for Veterans, Fanshawe, Cedarbrook Golf Gardens, the New Hunt Club and the original Classic Layout at Thames Valley.