London and Area Golf History February 9, 2017

Let’s start with the City of London golf courses. As far as I know, Moe never visited River Road.
In 1956 Moe won the Thames Valley Invitational the year before he turned professional. He shot a 64 in a competitive round which many people [myself included] still consider the course record. There have been so many changes to the Thames Valley layout and so many different sets of tees that it is hard to compare rounds.
Moe played in the Ontario P.G.A. at Fanshawe Traditional in 1975 and shot 67,66 to finish one shot behind Herb Holscheiter who shot 66,66. He also hit one of the most memorable shots that I have ever seen, spinning back a wedge from the back fringe and into the cup for an eagle 3 on the present #13 Traditional. I followed Moe for 9 holes in the 1987 PGA Spring Open but he did not win that tournament.
As far as other London courses go, I remember Moe hitting balls down the first fairway @ Highland after the Labatt Amateur but by far Moe was most comfortable at East Park. The East Park driving range was a magnet for Moe but I think he felt most comfortable with the golfers and staff there. I am busy putting together information to add East Park to our list and I understand that there may be an East Park scorecard with Moe’s name on it. I will also check for photos.

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