London and Area Golf History September 9, 2017

Excited today to be heading for the Fox Golf Club to play in the 4th Annual Bill Fox Jr Memorial Scramble to support melanoma research. My team includes Bill Laughlin and Bill Fox Sr. Bill Fox Jr passed away in 2013 from melanoma but he left his mark as the designer and builder of the final nine holes at The Fox. He also had a lot to do with the construction of the successful golf operation at Caradoc Sands.
Bill Fox Sr is 81 now and had a lot of influence on the local golf scene. He was the first to implement the “partial membership” in 1979 that allowed for a small membership fee in order to get half priced green fees. At first this was very unpopular but many clubs have adopted this option over the years. He helped design and build nine holes of the Quarry course at Fanshawe. He was the driving force behind the design and construction of River Road golf course. When he was part owner of Dorchester Golf Club he installed a new electric irrigation pump and rerouted the holes after somehow getting approval to build a new green very close to the river. Obtaining regulatory approvals was never one of Bill’s strong suits. Bill Fox Sr also designed and constructed the first nine holes at The Fox Golf Club.
Hope our team can play well and sink lots of putts……..invariably the key to any scramble success.

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